The secret to avoiding the risk department- It’s easier than you think.

Keeping your account out of the Risk Department is easier than you might think.
Below are a few tips on how to avoid drawing unneccessiory attention to your
merchant account.

Scale up to using your full approved processing amount over a period of a few months

“Running Hot” is a term used when you don’t scale up to
your approved volume amount and is something that
the Risk Department notices.

Putting thought into your price points is a necessary and important step

The price points on your URL need to be easily
understood through out the website as well as make
sense based on type product and quantity of the product
you are selling.

Paying attention to your Chargeback percentages is very important in keeping your MID healthy.

High chargeback percentages can draw the Risk Departments attention and get your account shut down, they can even put your business on the MATCH list as a high risk business. It is very important to keep your ratios below the regulated percentage provided by the bank.

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