Have you heard of the Hemp CBD Product Scoreboard? If you run a CBD business you need to know.

Thinking about joining the CBD community?

It doesn’t matter if you are a company ready to process and provide a product, or a consumer looking to not only reap the benefits but educate yourself on CBD, there is a lot to know about the industry. The CFS (Center for Food Safety) has stepped in to help people succeed, creating 4 categories in which to grade a Hemp CBD product; Production, Processing, Testing, and Transparency.





In this category, you as a business can score 25 points. When it comes to the farming practices the more geared to regenerative farming techniques you are the better. Like with any other supplement organic is the way to go!

5 points can be given in this category. All points are yours if you used CO2 or lipid extraction in your processing method, organic- non-GMO ethanol or alcohol as well. Points are cut in half if you use both CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction not specified as organic- non-GMO ethanol. Kiss your points away if ethanol extraction not specified as organic non-GMO ethanol is your processing method!

To score all 30 points in the category regular and independent testing of ingredients and finished products need to be done. Testing for pesticides, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, efficacy, and also following Good Management Practices are all recommended.

40 points are on the table in this category. This was all based on how easy it was to learn about a companies product. This is through the website, over the phone, via mail. Companies also need to back up all claims with independent testing and certifications. 

In total 100 points could be earned. If a company earned 90-100 points they received an A; 80-89 points received a B; 70-79 points received a C; 60-69 points received a D,and 0- 59 points received an F. 

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