8 ways to make sure your website is always Merchant Account Ready


The State of observing and following all Accessibility Laws and regulations that apply to your website. This should always be an overall goal for your organization to make sure you can acquire and maintain a merchant account.


1. Make sure the business address and phone number are accurate and brand
new. Has not been used by any other business.

2. Site should not have any product claims. For example “may help support”
certain functions. It cannot claim to cure any diseases or improve specific body

3. The website must be consistent with the correct pricing, shipping details, and
product details.

4. Must have cancellation and contact us information on website.

5. Accurate ingredients (for ingestible or supplements/creams only) , if site has
multiple products, needs ingredients for each product.

6. All links within website should function and redirect properly.

7. Website should have all payment method logos on the site. Any method of
payment wanted by the merchant must be visible.

8. If the website offers a digital product or service, the merchant must provide a
member login area with sample logins, or a sample link to the digital platform.

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