Credit Card Processing for High Risk and
E-Commerce Business owners

Credit Card Processing for Online Business

If you process more than $5,000 per month, it’s time for a REAL payment solution.

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With Raise It Payments you have a personal rep from day one.

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We’re here to take the pain out of Credit Card Processing. Our account specialists do the hard work so you can get back to what you do best.. making money for your business.

We raise the bar for Credit Card Processing in all business types.

If Your Business Falls into Any of These Categories, We Can Help!


These are your traditional brick and mortar physical businesses. Items are sold through a storefront to customers at a physical location. 

For this type of business, we offer solutions that allow customers to use swipe or insert card payments, and also scan payment methods for use with digital wallets.

These are known as “card present” solutions.

Internet / E-Commerce

These merchants accept payments online. This includes any type of product or service where the shopping experience and payment are completed over the internet.
These merchants require a “card not present” processing solution and must have a shopping cart or payment button to ensure customers can purchase online.

These merchants offer consumable goods and need the ability to add a tip to the purchase. They will either be Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) or Full-Service Restaurants (FSR).

These types of merchants may also need a payment system they can travel with to swipe or scan cards on the go.


These merchants do not operate from one specific location, so we offer processing solutions to take on the go, so you can swipe or scan payments from multiple locations.


MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Order. These merchants do not provide services or take payment face to face, and they need a payment solution that allows them to accept cards over the phone or via an invoice.

For these merchants, we provide solutions known as card not present processing solutions that allows them to manually enter the card information or send a digital invoice

Measure Up?

Does Your Processing

Measure Up?

These are the common issues people have with their Credit Card Processor.

Avoid these problems by working with our specialists!

Having no online portal for reporting, or receiving unreadable merchant statements can be frustrating. Our agents ensure that there are portals for every account you’re approved for, and can help you read and understand your monthly statements so you’re never left in the dark.

No one likes contacting Customer Service. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and we all know there are much better things for a business owner to be doing with their time. It’s made worse by companies with poor customer service that don’t give you the help you need. Work with our agents to minimize the outside customer service calls and get real answers.

Fees can really stack up when you’re processing on an account for a long period of time or processing a large amount on them. We make sure to get you the best fees we can, with no surprises.

It’s your money and you want it now. Slow funding can inhibit the growth and health of your business, and cause unnecessary headaches. We work with you to minimize the risk of held funds and delayed funding.

Technology is growing so fast right now you need to be sure you have the most up to date systems to work with your customers and minimize the risk of issues. Don’t settle for a company that is not up to date on what you need to thrive in todays tech world of payments.

This can be the most frustrating part of having a payment processing account. There’s so many moving parts to running payments, and you need someone to be there with you every step of the way to make sure things move forward and get taken care of. This is exactly what we do at Raise It Payments. We provide you with a specialist that will represent you all along the way to ensure there’s no gaps in the communication process.

Step one

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Step Three

Accept Credit Cards without Worry of Account Freeze or Hidden Fees.

Want to be an Agent or ISO? We’re always looking for partners. Let us help you grow your portfolio. Click below to contact a Partner Specialist.

Speak to a Dedicated Account Representative

Speak to a Dedicated Account Rep

Want to be an Agent or ISO? We’re always looking for partners. Let us help you grow your portfolio. Click Below to contact a Partner Specialist.

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Want to be an Agent or ISO?

Fill out this quick form to be contacted by a Partner Specialist 

You can also give us a call to speak to an agent right away

1- 904-414-2163
Available Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM MST